Workshop process

Below is a high-level example of what activities a workshop may include and look like.


Pre-Workshop discovery


Stakeholder, user interviews

I meet with stakeholders and end customers to understand the landscape and pain points ahead of the workshop to influence planning.


Defining workshop goals

Based on my learnings, I work with internal stakeholders to define workshop goals and intended outcomes.


Participant & agenda planning

Having the right participants present for the right parts of a workshop is essential to drive consensus and alignment to business goals.


Environment planning

Regardless of where the workshop is located, I create a space that fosters creativity and collaboration.


Sample agenda

  1. Ice breakers and team introductions

  2. Review agenda

  3. Review challenges and goals

  4. Create a stakeholder map of key users

  5. Map out current experience and pain points

  6. Brainstorm ideas

  7. Prioritize ideas

  8. Sketch top ideas

  9. Next steps




Consider the implementation plan and rollout approach for the new or improved product.


Continue building on ideas generated in workshop session by designing screens and prototyping solution for use in usability testing.

Timeline & responsibilities

Set deadlines and determine who is responsible for what task.


Want to learn more or interested in doing one of these workshops?